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"Be present when decision is made". The most powerful communication solutions on the market, directly integrated into healthcare software.


M.I.M. Medical Informations Magazine

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A nimbly communication throught a daily used physicians tool.

  • E-magazine displayed automatically when the software opens.
  • A unique offer on the e-communication market.
  • New partnership with « La Revue du Praticien ».


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Pop-up apparition according to predifined criteria for perfectly targetting communication.

  • A real decision support system for the doctors.
  • Contextual communication in the physician's prescribing software.
  • To promote detection and prevention.
  • Perfectly targeted communication with patients and doctors.


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An advertising spot present all along the consultation in a screensaver form.

  • To reinforce the spontaneous memorization of your products.
  • Maximum 10 advertisers and streaming for guaranteed impact.
  • 30 seconds per advertiser from 2 minutes of physician inactivity.

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